• Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
  • Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
  • Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
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Cruise N°7 from 08/08/2019 to 27/08/2019



80° North Latitude : Objectif Murchisonfjorden ( Island of Nordauslandet)


Programm :


D1 : Welcoming guests at the end of the day, embarkation and overnight in Longyaerbyen.

D2 : Introduction to the cruise and safety instructions, followed by sailing off to conquer the majestic ISFJORDEN. First stopover in the beautiful Ymerbukta or Trygghamna, encounter and approch of the first glacier.

D3 to D6 : Sailing along the West and North coasts with some stops until reaching the amazing and majestic Murchisonfjorden on the island of NORDAUSLANDET, Est Svalbard.

D6 to D10 : Dicovery of Murchison gorgeous fjord where peace and quietness predominate. This bay full of rocky islands offers superb sailing in clear waters and colorful rocks. The island of the Est Svalbard is more polar than Spitsberg.

D11 to D17 : We will take the road back to the south and will stop on the most beautiful sites on the north and west coast, we didn’t saw on the way up.

D18 to D19 : Return to the magnificent Isfjorden Fjord, stopover at Trygghamna or Hymerbukta or visit the Russian mining town in Barensburg, still in activity.

D19 : Back to Longyaerbyen, last dinner and night on board.

D20 : Disembarkation early in the morning after the breakfast.



Throughout your cruise, we will discover many glitzy glaciers such as "the King’s Bay", "Lillehookbreen", "Smeerenburgbreen", "Dahlbrebukta" "Monacobreen"  ....

We will reach and go along the 80° north latitude which lead us to the Est island of Svalbard : Nordauslandet where is nested on is west coast the spectacular Murchisonfjorden. During our expeditions on land we will be able to see the ice cap and walking in these incredibles polars deserts.

We will encounter a great variety of birds: Arctic Fulmars, Black Legged Kittiwakes, Atlantic Puffins, Thick-billedmurres, Black Guillemots, Skuas and Great Skuas, Glaucus Gulls, Ivory Gulls, Eiders, Little Auks, Red-throated Loons ....

We will also be looking for the Arctic Reindeer that regularly shows up and will see the amazing Morses of Poolypynten or Sarstanger.

Perhaps we might have the chance to see polar foxes, seals and whales such as the Rorquals, Belugas, and we will most certainly come across the lord of this region: the Polar Bear.

We will discover many historical sites such as the remains of polar expeditions dating from the early 20th century, ancient whaling sites from the 17th, 18th century, a former German meteorological station dating from the last world war, former trappers' huts, and we will make a stop at NY ALESUND, an international scientific city.

Typical program of the day: Approximate 2 - 4 hours’ navigation from one stopover to another, sometimes more (particularly in this programm) to reach the northernmost points, discovery of the chosen location, visits to the historical sites or hiking with observations and photography of the fauna and flora. At times, getting close by a glacier with the boat.

The planning and choice of the sites will be made based on meteorological conditions that only the skipper can appreciate. It may occur that some destinations cannot be visited.


Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier