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Christophe was born in 1961 and since his tender childhood he has been strongly attracted by the marine world. At a young age he spent his time making models, kayaks and windsurfing boards... He devoured marine tales of great navigators like Bernard Moitessier, Gérard Janichon who nourished his youth.


Over the years, he succeeds to navigate around the seas of the globe and buys his first sailboat at the age of 20. On his Elizabethan 35, he decides to sail around the world. He spends a lot of time in the West Indies and from there makes headway to French Polynesia where he will stay for a few months.


Practical reasons compel him to sell his sailboat and to return to France to work. But soon the call of the open sea is stronger than reason, and shortly after his return, he buys his second sailboat, an Arpège, that he will once more take to French Polynesia for another few months.


For seven years, he roams the seas, from Europe to French Polynesia and most of the time solo sailing.


This time reason is stronger than him and he returns to France to work in the family business, which he will manage for several years. During this period, he meets his wife Marie-Diane to whom he conveys his affection for the sea, boats and journeys on water. They acquire a Chance 37 of the Wauquiez shipyards that they will use every week, in all weather conditions, for 7 years.


Then came the dreams of long-distance sailing together with the future objective of being able to afford a larger sailboat for farther sailings, more distant and, why not, polar expeditions?


The dream comes true a few years later with the purchase of a Passoa 47 in 2009.

As of that year, the nautical miles will accumulate on their ship’s odometer:

A circumnavigation of the Atlantic in 2009-2010

A return trip France-Spitsbergen in 2011

A one-way Iceland-Greenland and back to Portugal in 2012

A one-way Portugal-Greece returning to the north of France through the canals in 2013

3 summers to the Spitsbergen in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


These trips turn out to be a revelation for both of them. They both fall in love with the Arctic. They are in deep admiration with the landscapes, wildlife, flora, glaciers and arctic deserts.


They decide to share their passion by taking customers to these magical places. Christophe passes his diploma of Yacht Master, he puts their Yacht to commercial standards and they create their charter company "ARCTIC SAILING ESCAPE"


Their first charter cruises with clients turned out to be gratifying and happy experiences. They were delighted to share their experience and their guests were evenly delighted to discover this polar land of Svalbard.


In 2016 they decided to provide themselves with a larger sailboat that could take slightly more people in greater comfort. Their wish was to give priority to the quality of the cruise for their clients by welcoming them in small groups and allow them to discover the wealth of the Arctic.

Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier
Croisière en Arctique sur un voilier